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Glenn O' Neill

Cure Sanfilippo Foundation
P.O. Box 6901
Columbia, South Carolina, United States

Since its creation, the Foundation has grown to include more than 90 families of children with Sanfilippo syndrome. This team approach has raised more than $10 million and generated assets of more than $15 million to support the mission and helped fund more than 20 grants around the world so far.

Glenn has spoken in various forums and conferences including NORD (National Organization of Rare Disorders), Rare Genomics Institute, PRIMR Advancing Ethical Research, Sanofi Genzyme, GoFundMe Headquarters, Molina Healthcare, and others. Glenn was the 2017 Sanofi Genzyme Torch Award winner and received the 2017 GoFundMe Trailblazer award. For their work rare disease, Glenn and Cara were awarded the Portraits of Courage Honor by NORD in 2015, as well as being a Tribute to Champions of Hope finalist for Global Genes. In 2017, they received the South Carolina Child Advocate Award from the SC American Academy of Pediatrics.


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