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Treatment Team of Specialists for Sanfilippo Syndrome

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source: Sanfilippo Syndrome News

year: 2021


Sanfilippo syndrome can affect many systems in the body and lead to a variety of symptoms, ranging from neurological problems to developmental delays. To better diagnose and treat these symptoms, a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals usually work together with patients and their families. Here is information about the specialists who can help treat patients with Sanfilippo.


Researchers think that the buildup of a molecule called heparan sulfate in nerve cells causes the neurological symptoms of Sanfilippo syndrome. As the disease progresses, symptoms often worsen, and young patients begin to lose the skills they’ve previously learned. In the later stages, they may also begin to experience seizures.

Neurologists specialize in the nervous system. They can diagnose and provide treatment options for the neurological symptoms of Sanfilippo syndrome.

Developmental-behavioral pediatricians

Developmental-behavioral pediatricians may become an important member of a Sanfilippo patient’s care team. Developmental delays, behavioral problems, and sleep disturbances are all common symptoms of Sanfilippo syndrome.

The developmental-behavioral pediatrician will work closely with parents, the rest of the family, and the child’s school to recommend strategies to support the child. He or she may also recommend medications to help reduce symptoms.


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