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Are You Considering Stem Cell Transplantation? Questions to Ask Your Provider

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source: National MPS Society

year: 2020


Stem cell transplantation can be an overwhelming prospect, especially for a family already facing the usually fresh diagnosis of MPS or related disease. Typically, the time line is short, and the amount of information that needs to be assimilated is daunting. A framework of questions for understanding transplant is presented here. The intent is to provide a list of questions you can bring to your health care provider, to help decide whether or not stem cell transplant is right for you and your family. For many of these questions, there is no single correct answer.

Who benefits from transplant? Which MPS and related diseases have a proven track record with stem cell transplant? Are enzyme levels or mutation analysis suggestive of an outcome that would be benefited by transplantation? Are there preexisting medical problems which would make transplant too risky (heart, lungs)?

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