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MPS Europe

Herstallstraße 35
Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany
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MPS Europe gGmbH is established on 30th November 2017 by national MPS societies from 12 European countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK. Our aim is to gather national MPS societies and advocate for all MPS patients in Europe (including EU member states and other countries – non-EU members) to work together collectively in the interest of the MPS community. The Headquarters of MPS Europe are based in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

In 2016 national MPS Societies expressed the need formalize European MPS network to solve the challenges on a European level avoiding the duplication of working at a national level. Many challenges are similar regarding access to early diagnosis, clinical management, intervention, clinical trials and access to treatment. 

Main Tasks of MPS Europe Are to:

• Support access to diagnosis, treatment and care for all MPS patients.

• Support national MPS Societies in advocating access to medicines.

• Help and support establishing new MPS Societies.

• Educate and empower patients and patient representatives.

• Improve information flow about diagnostics, treatment, clinical studies, standards of care among MPS Societies.

• Organise MPS Day activities and events for raising awareness.


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