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Cure Mucolipidosis

402 Park Avenue
Belleville, Illinois, United States
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Cure Mucolipidosis is a non-profit organization located in Illinois and has a mission to work alongside the Mucolipidosis Collaborative Research Network (MCRN) that was established in 2019 to set a pipeline for the investigation of new modes of therapies for Mucolipidosis that will lead to a cure. Cure Mucolipidosis covers the following group of Mucolipidosis.

• Mucolipidosis II

• Mucolipidosis II/III

• Mucolipidosis III

• Sialidosis (Mucolipidosis I)

Our Vision:

• To serve as a resource for stakeholders in the work, identification, treatment, and continual developments towards a cure for Mucolipidosis.

• To promote and support a global multi-stakeholder collaboration for Mucolipidosis.

• To identify patient numbers globally in preparation for clinical trials and drug company development for a therapy or cure.