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Bob Stevens

Group Chief Executive Officer
MPS Society UK
MPS House
Repton Place, White Lion Road
Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Bob Stevens is Group Chief Executive Officer of the parent company, The MPS Society and Chair of Rare Disease Research Partners (RDRP). Bob works on a global scale, promoting the benefits of collaboration between all key stakeholders, the importance of the patient voice and business development.

Mr. Stevens is also the CEO of the Society’s “MPS Commercial,” its unit that works to help the pharmaceutical industry successfully perform clinical trials for the MPS diseases. MPS Commercial is a wholly-owned, not-for-profit subsidiary of the Society, whose social objectives are to invest any profits into the MPS community for the purposes of education, enhancing needs-led advocacy support, quality-of-life research and scientific research.

Before joining RDRP, Bob worked in both the non-profit and private sectors, mainly at board level, as well as managing a private property development portfolio. Having two sons with a rare disease means this is not simply a job for him, but a way of life.